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Are you an architect, an interior designer, a carpenter or a person who would like to add something more to the room?


Add the final touch to your favourite room at home.

Multifunctional panelsare ideal for any room to which you want to add warmth and prestige. You can always spice up your walls by adding shelves, mirrors, LED strips etc.


A pleasant atmosphere in the working environment improves the well-being of employees.

One Inch Wall can achieve this by reducing noise in the offices. We offer different installation methods, which allow you to optimize the acoustic class.

Create a natural, elegant and pleasant sound environment.


People always like to return to inns, restaurants, coffee bars or confectioneries, where in addition to the gourmet pleasure, also the space and the feeling remain in the memory.

You can achieve the timelessness of your walls by changing the decoration on multifunctional panels.

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