Multifunctional panels made of real wood

A world of prestigious panels for a better
and simpler living experience – One Inch Wall
Our perspective on staying

When the roomlives up, it gets a »prestigious« appearance and warmth. When you are looking for the last »final touch« for a perfect appearance of your room that you planned carefully, then your best solution is the One Inch Wall.

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wood for a prestigious appearance and usability of your premises.

The One Inch Wall Features

Solid wood / natural wood

Solid battensare made of natural wood, not imitation.
One InchWall = 100% natural wood.

Modern & elegant solution

For buyers who want toadd a special touch of living to their space.


We have our production, enablingflexibilityeven for the most demanding projects.


You can easily attach indoor shelves, hangers etc.,onto the One Inch Wall panels.

Simple to use

The One InchWall panelsenable effortless installation.

Sound absorption

The One Inch Wall solid battenshave grooves (T-profile) that serve as a sound diffuser (reducing the rustling)

Our world

We create a unique mark for your room. We create prestige, modernity and convenience. We create the admiration of glances.

A world of unique panels that create value and leave a mark. A world of enjoyable and better staying. A world that says a lot about the chosen taste of the user.

We raise the value and create warmth.

Our products will make your space much more beautiful and pleasant to live in. You will create a more enjoyable stay with top-quality panels, which are the result of top design, refined in detail.

With our solutions, your space will never be the same again, and it will no longer be »average«. With the One Inch Wall your room will be more pleasant, beautiful and lively. One Inch Wall is also a status symbol of selected taste – even for the most demanding ones.

With the One Inch Wall panels, you will create a unique mark for your room that will leave a strong impression of carefully chosen materials, the precision of manufacture and perfection in details on visitors. You will impress even the most demanding.

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We operate responsibly

Our products are beautiful and useful and conform to environmentally suitable approaches.

The critical raw materials of our product are wood and felt. The wood has FSC certification, which indicates that we promote environmentally suitable, socially beneficial and economically feasible management of the forest. The felt is made of recycled materials, e.g.a combination of fabric and plastic from the sea, fabrics from clothing containers in the mountains etc.