Invitation to cooperation

Become our partnerand be a part of a successful story.

Excellent logistic and marketing support with proven quality provides our partners with an innovative product, with the possibility of successful long-term cooperation.

Become a part of a successful story

If you are looking for an innovative product with high added valueand you are a distributor of brands, a dealer, a carpenter, a fitter or a modern architect, please get in touch with us and together we will study the possibilities for cooperation.

We invite you to become our partner and a part of our successful international team. Together, we can co-create new success stories.


We provide our partners with quality and transparency,


partner-friendly pricing policy,


professionally verified and supported product quality,


reliable logistics of supply, production, transport, and material optimization, and


professional and entertaining marketing support.

Why is One Inch Wall a unique story that is interesting for partners?

Speed &

Our product design and a team of specialists enable us to quickly and flexibly prepare the project solutions for your idea.

Control of
wood quality

We ensure it by inspecting the wood in all stages of production. Thus, we drastically reduce the possibility of complaints.

Reliable suppliers of wood and felt

Under the auspices of the company Silvaapis d.o.o., we have reliable wood suppliers. Most of the wood comes from the countries of former Yugoslavia.


A combination of recycled felt and sustainably sourced solid wood (with the option of veneering and quality refining). With us, you can become part of sustainable consumption.

The word is our

Behind the product, there is a team of engineers who have ensured that the product is of high quality in sound acoustics, load-bearing capacity and fire safety. To achieve the goals, the experts have collaborated with the Institute of Construction of Slovenia.

Time is

The flexible team of One Inch Wall offers advice andinstallation. The design and modularity of the product contribute to the simple and quick installation of acoustic panels, shelves and hangers.

Made in Slovenia

Slovenia, the third most wooded country in Europe, is known for its high-quality wood processing. We also offer assistance to Slovenian customers after the completion of service.